Dinwiddie High School Library Media Center Policies & Procedures

  1. The library is open from 7:15 a.m. until 2:45 p.m. each school day. Additional library time may be scheduled in advance by appointment.
  2. Students must have a SMARTpass from a credit-course teacher to visit the library at any time during the school day unless they are with a class and accompanied by a teacher. Students must sign in at the Circulation desk. A library staff member must acknowledge a student’s pass.
  3. Students may check out a maximum of 3 books at a time. The loan period for nonfiction books is one week. Fiction books may be checked out for three weeks. Library books may be renewed. A fine of 10¢ per day will be charged for each overdue library book. Overdue fine notices will be distributed to students.
  4. Reference books may not be checked out.
  5. Reserve books or overnight books (one book per student) may be checked out one night only. It must be returned before the tardy bell for 1st period the next school day. There will be a fine of $1.00 for each class period that it is overdue.
  6. All library materials must be properly checked out before leaving the library. Theft or willful damage of library property will be referred to the administration for disciplinary action.
  7. A student who has outstanding library obligations, i.e., overdue books and or unpaid fines, may not check out library materials or renew books.
  8. Students are responsible for library materials checked out. The replacement cost of the book will be charged for a lost or damaged book.
  9. Students are expected to use the library, its resources, and computers for school assignments and educational purposes only. Students are expected to obey the DCPS Acceptable Use Policy at all times when using the Internet. Students’ school Internet accounts are to be used for school assignments only. Failure to use the library, its resources, and the Internet responsibly may result in referral to the administration. Failure to comply with the DCPS Acceptable Use Policy may result in the loss of the student’s school Internet account.
  10. The use of cell phones and earbuds for listening devices are prohibited in the library unless approved by a librarian.
  11. Students are not allowed to eat or drink in the library.
  12. Students who do not behave appropriately may be asked to return to their regular class.
  13. Students are not allowed to bring book bags into the main room of the library. Students may leave their book bags in the library foyer; however, the library staff is not responsible for book bags or their contents.

Other Library Services Available:
• Coin-operated copy machine — 15¢ per page
• FAX machine – staff use